coming back to life

Living as we are in a time of great unraveling, of multiple crises, many of us are struggling with overwhelm. It’s tempting to numb-out, distract ourselves, or sink into despair. It’s becoming easier and easier to lose touch with the deepest longings of our hearts, with each other, and with the beauty and wonder around us.
We’re so busy managing our lives that we cover over this great mystery that we’re involved in. John O’Donohue
What if we choose to pause, breathe, and begin paying kind and careful attention to the aliveness that’s right here, now, in us and all around us?
Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. Simone Weil


Group processes where we explore responding to the challenges we face through practices such as listening, feeling, generosity, prayer and love in action.


Individual sessions in which you’re encouraged to sit with whatever is needing your attention at the moment and sense into an authentic response.


Cheryl Strand is a life coach and facilitator. She is a practising Sufi who has experience in contemplative Christianity and mindfulness practice.